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Collision is a little bit of my past, present & future. For me it is a track that takes me back to a time in Montreal/Toronto when Trans X was smashing up the speakers, a moment in time that helps tie together the story of The Reverb. Through the magic of DJ Khalil & Jen Oleksiuk the song’s story is completed, both sonically and visually. Jen’s beautiful eye and video direction bring out the feel of the song with angles and choreography that collide into one another. Producers and dancers should work together more often.
Look out for my new album, The Reverb, available September 9th.

Hey family, I am releasing a new album really soon, Sept. 9th to be exact. Here are a couple remixes for “Black Skeletons” off the record by The New Royales, the crew behind Eminem, Pink, Aloe Blacc etc., and Hewson & Mosaic feat Willie Sacks.

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