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Every song is like a photograph to me.  A look into where I was and who I was at that particular time.

Looking back at these songs that I share with the world today I am proud of where I am.  I hear the growth, I hear the people who inspired me for those moments in life ie. Sophia Danai, Omar Khan, The Boom Booms, The New Royales.

It was an honour to be led by people I trust, Khalil Rahman & Rainbow Sun Francks, in making this record.

I chose to make a record that I could look back fondly at and remember the very second some of these moments came to life.  I chose to create a body of work that was purely for my own desires.

This record isn’t necessarily “of the moment.” It may not get the best reviews. It may not get played on the radio, but it will remind me of a magical time in my life where I was actually able to concentrate on myself for a change.

I always say the record is just part of the puzzle, a calling card if you will.

I look forward to sharing the rest of THE REVERB experience with y’all this year.

Thank you for listening!


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A Throwback Thursday to my “Peoples Mixtape” featuring all theses friends: Bishop LamontShadSkratch BastidDavid BannerSonRealThe New RoyalesJay ElectronicaTalib KweliOmar KhanSophia DanaiZaki IbrahimMoka OnlyKrondonMaestro Fresh WesChace InfiniteKyprios.

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